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New Members of ITS POLSKA Management Board for 2016-2019
Please be advised that on 17 May 2016, at the General Meeting of Members, ITS POLSKA appointed a new panel of the Management Board and Programme Council for the 2016-2019 term. The panel of the Programme Council was expanded.

The President of ITS POLSKA is now Tomasz Kamiński, PhD Eng, while its Members are: Piotr Krukowski, Marek Litwin, Mariusz Kołkowski, Janusz Wróbel, Wiesław Graczyk and Przemysław Rzeźniewski. More>>

The Second Part of the Code of Good Practice, "Implementation of Municipal ITS Systems", Is Completed. This is a supplement to the Code of Good Practice on the Efficient Implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (part 1)

We encourage you to read the second part of the Code of Good Practice, a succinct collection on information based on experience by leading R&D institutions and ITS contractors in Poland, acting within the ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee (KASI –Komitet ds. Architektury i Standaryzacji). It is an extension and supplement to the documents presented at the Polish ITS Congress in 2015, and expands the description of the functions and structure of municipal systems. The document summarizes all the key elements present in modern municipal ITS systems.

Code of Good Practice part 1 (2015) –download
Code of Good Practice part 2 (2016) –download

The ITS 2016 Catalogue - publishing printed copies
ITS POLSKA, the publisher of the ITS Catalogue, is happy to announce that the second issue of the ITS 2016 Catalogue was published. Więcej>>

The ITS 2016 e-Folder –open

The results of the 7th edition of the ITS LEADER 2016 contest!

The contest jury awarded the best papers submitted to ITS LEADER 2016. The awards were given on the first day of the 9th Polish ITS Congress. The contest is held by ITS POLSKA and the editors of the ITS Journal (Przegląd-ITS). This year, the contest received an honorary patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, the National Road Safety Council, the General Inspectorate of Road Transport, the Centre of EU Transport Projects and the Polish Road Commercial Chamber. The award for the best diploma paper was funded by Neurosoft. The main goal of the contest is to promote undertakings which foster the growth of friendly ITS technologies in Poland, especially innovative and efficient products – devices, implementations and scientific solutions. Więcej>>

Report from the 9th POLISH ITS CONGRESS 2016
16-17 May 2016, Warsaw
The 9th POLISH ITS CONGRESS (PKITS–Polski Kongres ITS) is over; this event, held by ITS POLSKA Association, hosted more than 300 people –officials of companies dealing in Intelligent Transport System, administration and local government authorities, representatives of technical universities and specialist press from all over Poland. Among the Congress' participants, more than 40% were people from local governments. This year's edition of the Congress took place on 16-17 May 2016 at the Novotel Centrum hotel, Warsaw. Every year, the Congress attracts more and more people, papers and discussions. They concern not only the ever-growing numbers of issues related to car transport, but also the standardization of the ITS market. More>>

- 16.05.2016 (day 1) - download
- 17.05.2016 (day 2) - download

TS POLSKA would like to thank the participants for joining us at the business meeting, attended also by our guest Bartłomiej Bodio, Polish MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Intelligent Transportation and Logistics Systems. More>>

"Traffic Management Area System in Łódź"
21-22 April 2016, Łódź

More than 100 people (officials of government institutions, local government including municipal one, road administrators and representatives of the services sector, organizations, universities, research institutes and press) took part in a Seminar titled "Traffic Management Area System in Łódź", held on 21-22 April 2016 in the Novotel Łódź Centrum hotel, Łódź. The event was organized by the Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA along with the Administration of Roads and Transport in Łódź. The patronage over the Seminar was held by the President of the City of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska. The Official Partner was Sprint and the Technical Partners were: AB Micro, Axis, Designers, R&G and the Road Engineering Institution in Bytom. The media patronage over the seminar was held by www.przeglad-its.pl, www.edroga.pl and www.transinfo.pl. More>>

Presentations – go to

"The expansion of the tram network in Poland in connection with intelligent transport systems on the example of investment in Grudziądz"
March 17, 2016, Grudziądz

Nearly 90 people (representatives of government institutions, local government units, including municipal ones, road managers, transport managers and representatives of the service sector, organizations, universities, research institutes, and the press) participated in a seminar entitled “The expansion of the tram network in Poland in connection with intelligent transport systems on the example of investment in Grudziądz," which was held on March 17, 2016 at the RAD Hotel in Grudziądz. The event was organized by ITS POLSKA and the Municipal Department of Communications in Grudziądz. The seminar was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Grudziądz − Robert Malinowski. More>>

Presentations − see

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