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ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems for Roads in Lubelskie Province”
13 January 2011, Lublin

Organised by:
„ITS Polska”

On 13 January 2011, Europa Hotel in the city of Lublin was the venue of a one-day seminar entitled ‘ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems for Roads in Lubelskie Province’. It was organised by ITS POLSKA Intelligent Transport Systems Association under the patronage of. Mr Krzysztof Hetman, the Lubelski Province Marshal; Mr Zbigniew Rynasiewicz, chairman of the Infrastructure Committee in the lower house of the Polish Parliament, the Sejm; the Lublin Branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways; the Chief Inspector for Road Transport; and the Convention of Provincial Road Management Board Directors.

ITS POLSKA was pleased to see so many attendees at the event and their genuine interest in the topics covered by the seminar, which was a great success. Nearly 80 people confirmed their participation in the seminar, of whom 34 percent included representatives of central, regional and local government authorities, provincial road management boards, road transport inspectorate branches; as well as representatives of the services sector (26%), industry organisations and the media (the press) (4%), and of higher-education institutions (4%).
The seminar included presentation of the experience of experts providing consultancy on the implementation of intelligent transport systems on Polish roads, plus presentations of the services of companies offering comprehensive ITS solutions for both provincial roads and cities. Expertise for the event was provided by MSR Traffic, Neurosoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sprint and Swarco Traffic Polska.

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The topics covered by the seminar are described in the table below.

12 January 2011,(Wednesday)
 Arrival (individually), check-in at the hotel
19:30Meeting of the attendees in the hotel restaurant (for interested attendees, paid by the attendees)
13 January 2011 (Thursday)
Registration, Welcome Coffee
09:15Welcome by Mr Marek Litwin, Board President of ITS POLSKA
Reading out a letter from Mr Ksztysztof Hetman, Lubelskie Province Marshal
ITS Development Strategy for National Roads in Lubelskie Province – Mr Janusz Wójtowicz, Director, Lublin Branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways
Report on Provincial Road in Lubelskie Province – Mr Andrzej Gwozda, Deputy Director, Provincial Road Management Board in Lublin
Integrated Transport System in Lublin – Mr Eugeniusz Janicki, Director, Road & Bridge Department, Lublin City Government Office
District Roads: the Most Urgent Challenges – Mr Piotr Banach, Director, District Road Management Board in Krasnystaw
Coffee Break
11:00ZEUS – Integrated Transport Safety System – Prof.Ryszard Krtystek, Gdańsk University of Technology, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ITS POLSKA
Intelligent Transport Systems: the Benefits, Strategy & Financing – Mr Marek Litwin, Board President of ITS POLSKA
Intelligent Crossroads – Mr Tomasz Folwarski, Vice President of MSR TRAFFIC
Models & Simulations for the Variability of Traffic Streams in an Area with Any Number of Crossroads - Mr Władysław Skonecki, SITK Lublin, and Mr Jerzy Ekiert, Lublin University of Technology
Dynamic Preselection Weighing Systems – Mr Mariusz Kołkowski, Director for Business Development, ITS, SPRINT
Use of Intelligent Transport Systems in Managing a Provincial Road Network: A Case Study – Provincial Road Management Board in Cracow; (Intelligent Traffic Control System in Sub-Tatra Region, ITS for Ring Roads) – Mr Patryk Zakrzewski, Provincial Road Management Board in Cracow
14:10Road Traffic Safety Management Systems: measuring the average speed on a road section,  monitoring vehicles jumping a red light, automatically identifying overweight and oversized vehicles – Mr Janusz Wróbel, President, Neurosoft
Correctness of Traffic Measurement and Forecasting versus Safety Improvement and the Technical and Economics Impact of a Road Investment Project – Ms Barbara Wójtowicz, SITK Lublin, and Mr Jerzy Ekiert, Lublin University of Technology
14:50Coffee Break
Practice in ITS Construction Contracts – Ms Paweł Szaciłło, Deputy Director, Transport/Infrastructure Team, Public Sector,  PricewaterhouseCoopers
Complete ITS Solutions for Urban and Non-Urban Areas – Mr Waldemar Kukawski, President, Swarco Traffic
16:10Summary and Finish

Media patronage: Drogi- lądowe powietrzne wodne, Magazyn Autostrady, Przegląd ITS, plus numerous internet portals: www.e-droga.pl, www.dobralogistyka.pl, www.autostrady.elamed.pl, www.przeglad-its.pl, www.e-myto.pl, www.media-pro.pl.

Marszałek Województwa Lubelskiego Przewodniczący Sejmowej Komisji ds. Infrastruktury Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad Inspekcja Transportu Drogowego Konwent Dyrektorów Zarządów Dróg Wojewódzkich

                                  Expertise provided by:
Swarco   Signalbau Huber
  MSR Traffic

                                   Media patronage:                                                      Organised by:
Przegląd ITS    eDroga
ITS Polska 
Drogi Autostrady
Dobra Logistyka

View our photo reports from the seminar, and the speakers’ presentations. The presentations are available in password protected files and can only be downloaded by members of the Association and by the attendees at the seminar.
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