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Summary of ITS POLSKA members’ voyage on board Zawisza Czarny:
24-27 September 2011 Route: Gdynia - Kalmar - Gdynia

On 24-27 September 2011, a group of ITS POLSKA members went on a voyage across the Baltic Sea on board the sailing ship Zawisza Czarny. Of the 40 people on board, a quarter were representatives of the following ITS POLSKA members: Ikom, Videoradar, HP, and Trax Elektronik.

It was this year’s first autumn voyage on board Zawisza Czarny to Sweden. In the Baltic Sea, mid-September is normally the beginning of the storm season, but the weather conditions for this voyage were good. This allowed the people on board to take an active part in the work of the ship, doing the tasks they were assigned, with the brave ones climbing up to the crow’s nest.

However, the favourable weather did not mean that the participants were bored on board. A great achievement for them was to sail across two routes, or sea motorways. While the traffic on the routes was very busy, the thick fog at that time made sailing across the routes a little bit mysterious and ominous. Nevertheless, Zawisza Czarny, with its brave crew, passed unseen by a peloton of container ships and other vessels. To ensure a safe passage in such busy traffic off the coast of Sweden, the crew made use of the eagle-eyed members of the crew (or the people responsible for watching for other ships) as well as the on-board instruments such as a radar screen or the AIS (Automatic Identification System).

During their visit to the Swedish town of Kalmar, the crew managed to go on a tour of the picturesque surrounding areas. In the evening, with singing and guitar playing, they were planning their next voyages.

The certificates received by Captain Maciej Sodkiewicz show that none of the ITS POLSKA members of the crew was seasick, which means that they can easily plan their next meeting in the open sea.

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