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A summary of the seminar
"Network Meetings of National ITS Associations"
November 24-25, 2011, Warszawa - Łódź

On November 24-25, 2011, ITS POLSKA hosted a two-day meeting of Europe’s national ITS associations that are members of ERTICO - ITS Europe and ITS Nationals. The meeting, which took place on the Warsaw - Stryków - Łódź – Warsaw route, was organised by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and ITS POLSKA, with expertise support provided by the Polish Association of Transport Telematics and under the patronage of ERTICO and ITS Nationals.

During the two days, a total 33 guests visited Poland, including 21 representatives of Europe’s national associations and almost 12 representatives of Polish local government institutions, and of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDiK) and ITS POLSKA.   

The meeting, organised under the general name Network Meetings of ITS National Associations, was divided into two plenary meeting days:  “Network Workshop of ITS National Associations” (24.11.2011 on the Warsaw-Łódź route) and “Network Plenary Meeting of ITS National Associations”(25.11.2011 in Łódź).

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The meeting on November 24, 2011 was opened with a speech by Marek Litwin, president of ITS POLSKA, to welcome the attending representatives of European ITS associations with a dinner at Folk Gospoda Restaurant in Warsaw. Each of the attendees entering the restaurant was given an ID badge and a wooden folk bird charm as a feature identifying the attendees as a group throughout their visit to Poland.

Following GDDiK’s request for changing the location of the meeting from Warsaw to Łódź, the decision made that the Network Workshop on the implementation of intelligent transportation systems by Polish local and central government authorities would take place on board a coach as “a university on wheels”. The organisers handed out attendee brochures, each containing a welcome letter, a list of the attendees, information about the places to be visited, i.e. about Poland, Warsaw, Łódź, and the Manufaktura centre in Łódź, as well as with the contact details of ITS POLSKA, GDDKiA and the Polish Association of Transport Telematics, plus a handful of practical information about staying in Łódź.

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The coach journey included four thematic presentations. Adam Mołek, of the Wrocław Road & City Maintenance Authority, gave a speech about the intelligent transportation systems implemented in Wrocław. Lech Gawełek, of the Poznań Municipal Road Management Authority, talked about Poznań’s city traffic management system under development as part of the city’s preparation for the Euro 2012 football event. Jacek Sobczak, of GDDKiA Katowice, talked about the technological, practical, safety and security aspects of tunnels based on the example of a tunnel in the village of Laliki and presented a video about the tunnel, while Piotr Pecherski, of GDDKiA Łódź, gave any introductory speech on the practical, safety and security aspects of the traffic management centre in Stryków.

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The coach stopped for a technical visit during which the attendees could see Poland’s first Motorway Management Centre, in Stryków, built in accordance with the best European standards using the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) technology. The main hall of the centre contains a huge screen consisting of six over-50-inch displays and between ten and twenty smaller LCD monitors all of which are used to monitor the traffic on the Stryków-Konin section of the A2 motorway.

The first meeting day finished with a supper at Gęsi Puch Restaurant in Łódź, with guests including representatives of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. During the supper, Andrzej Maciejewski, director of GDDKiA, and Marek Litwin, president of ITS POLSKA, signed an agreement for their cooperation in developing a set of nine Technical Specifications to systematise and standardise the process of preparing and implementing infrastructure projects involving the use of intelligent transportation systems. The guests were pleased to receive gifts from the organisers – packs with information about Poland, including a DVD, a map of Łódź, a jar with pieces of oscypek cheese in flavoured oil olive (sponsored by APM) a wooden angel with a folk pattern, as well as Drogi Zaufania campaign gifts and umbrellas (sponsored by Siemens).

The meeting on the second day was held at the Factory Museum at Łódź’s Manufaktura Centre. In the setting of a former textile factory, the representatives of European ITS associations summed up ERTICO’s current activities, including its initiatives, discussed the tasks for the next few months, and exchanged information between the attending organisations.

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