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Invitation to groups
preparing the ITS Technical Specification Package

Dear Sirs,
Since its very establishment the Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA has been supporting public administration in the scope of consulting services concerning law, directives, standardization and normalization of the Intelligent Transport System implemented in our country.

A symbol of these activities is the agreement between ITS POLSKA and General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways concluded on 24 November 2011 concerning joint elaboration of a package of nine Technical Specifications necessary to systematize and standardize the process of preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects with the use of intelligent transport systems. Definitions of these systems are included in the Directive of the European Parliament and EU Council no. 2010/40/EU of 7 July 2010 on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport.

According to the concluded agreement both parties will aim at the preparation of technical specifications that would be open, transparent and based on most recent knowledge and technical advancement, available for every interested entity as well as at their dissemination  and application in the executed projects.

In reference to the concluded agreement we would like to invite members of ITS POLSKA as well as experts recommended by ITS POLSKA to participate in working groups. Work conducted within working groups will be provided on non-profit basis. People who would like to participate in the project can work in one or several working groups at the same time. The project will be implemented from March till July 2012.

Registration form - download

In case of a justified necessity of or due to the need for update of the elaborated ITS Specifications, the parties allow for the establishment of additional working groups not directly ascribed to specific subjects. All meetings and information exchange as well as the transfer of materials will be coordinated and recorded by the chairs of each group – representatives of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. The names of members of the working group chairmen team will be published within the next few days.
We hope that the elaborated specifications will also be applied by other implementing institutions, in particular by local authorities.

If you would like to register, please submit a filled registration form to ITS POLSKA to the e-mail address sekretariat@itspolska.pl or send it to the fax no. +48 22 630 99 12. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us under +48 22 630 99 09.

Below we present a description of each of the nine ITS Technical Specifications
within which working groups are going to be established:

Standards of data transfer protocols for traffic management systemincluding data protocols for all systems of the so called National Traffic Management System, hereinafter referred to as “KSZR”, mentioned in order to acquire a unified communication, archiving and data management standard
Communication and power supply for KSZR road telematicsincluding modes of communication of individual devices used to establish KSZR systems in order to provide connectivity and data transfer reliability. Indication of alternative media, e.g. fibre-optic cable, WLAN, GPRS etc. in order to establish a safe and undisturbed data transfer, power supply models of each road telematics device under consideration of alternative power supply sources, e.g. power grid, photovoltaic panel, wind turbine, power generator etc., in order to ensure maximum reliability and continuity of system or device operation
Architecture of the teletechnical linking
of devices in KSZR
systems    data transfer model within every KSZR system as well as configuration of the combined devices in order to ensure data transfer from the field to the road user through server in the traffic management centre
Architecture of the so called “Data Warehouse” in the KSZR influence areafunctional-utility model of Data Warehouse or Traffic Databank. Unit equipment, room characteristics, staff profile, requirements for the computer area, safety as well as software and hardware. Data linking and transfer model from the moment of data acquisition through individual devices used for KSZR system establishment to the moment of their distribution to road users, interested entities and media
Rules for collecting, archiving and application of data acquired from KSZRdata storage model referring to data acquired from individual devices used for the establishment of KSZR systems and data management model referring to data assigned mostly for the purposes of: traffic management and road network development planning, including distribution, compression, aggregation, cleaning, processing, data exchange with external services such as police, ITD (Road Transport Inspectorate), Border Guard etc., as well as the safety of various data, storage period, etc.
Applications dedicated to short and long term traffic forecastsbased on the archive data and real-time data, a data processing and application model regarding data acquired from individual devices used for the establishment of KSZR systems mentioned in par. 3.1. in order to establish an application supporting traffic management centres concerning traffic conditions’ forecasts in the view of the exhaustion of traffic capacity and main traffic route or an alternative diversions
Technical parameters of road telematics devicesindividual devices’ standards regarding devices  used for the establishment of the mentioned KSZR systems, in order to establish reliability and service level corresponding with the requirements of future entities implementing ITS projects
Standard for defining traffic detection areasareas related to acquisition of data concerning traffic from individual devices used to establish KSZR systems in order to acquire a reliable traffic management effect including traffic flow control and the choice of road user behaviour
Standard for implementation of media for communication  and  KSZR data transfer
model of technical solutions for  the  establishment of KSZR communication system, including the scope of basic as well as alternative communication in the area of emergency management

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