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Summary of the seminar
"Open Days of the Traffic Management Centre in Stryków"
22-23 March 2012, Stryków near Łódź

I day: Hotel 500, ul. Warszawska – Smolice 1B, Stryków
II day: Traffic Management Centre [Centrum Zarządzania Ruchem], Stryków

On 22 and 23 March 2012 a seminar: "Open Days of the Traffic Management Centre in Stryków" was organised by ITS POLSKA and GDDKiA and accompanied by a visitation of the largest Traffic Management Centre in Poland. Almost 120 representatives of offices, self-governments and companies, remaining in business relations with ITS, took part in the meeting.

Professional presentations, which generally discussed the construction of a national traffic management system, as well as specific ITS solutions, were made during the seminar. It was also discussed how to talk about ITS in order to obtain social approval for these actions. The following companies: APM, Kapsch, Siemens and Trax elektronik became factual partners and the Media patronage was held by the web portals: www.edroga.pl and www.przeglad-its.pl, as well as magazines: "DROGI Budownictwo infrastrukturalne", "Inżynieria Ruchu Drogowego" and "Magazyn Autostrady".

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Przemysław Rzeźniewski of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways [GDDKiA] opened the seminar with his report presenting the project on the Construction of a National Traffic Management System and discussing the works already commenced by the Workgroups, appointed by GDDKiA and ITS POLSKA, which prepare the ITS technical specifications standardising the arrangements and the implementation of the infrastructural projects, making use of the intelligent transportation systems.

The presentation of Krystian Warda of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy related to the progress of the European Commission works on specifications and norms concerning ITS implementation in the field of road transport and interface with other types of transport. Krzysztof Gorzkowski of Kapsha talked about the solutions for the integrated traffic management in Poland basing on the viaTOLL system, which will probably comprise 7 thousand kilometres of roads till 2018.

There were also presentations concerning the current solutions implemented in the equipment used for ITS. Ryszard Sroka of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków presented the WIM devices (Weight-in-motion). As a part of his talk, he compared the functionality, durability and price of each type of the said devices. Sławomir Daniek of Trax Elektronik presented innovative ITS solutions for the Integrated Meteorological and Traffic Management Systems on the basis of the SMART server software, while Piotr Świątalski talked about a new generation of light-emitting diodes used in variable message traffic signs. The last presentation was connected with specific ITS solutions and algorithms of LCS and VMS control, on the basis of A2 motorway Konin – Stryków.

A large number of questions to the presentation were raised, which proved interest in the subject. The issue on the way the ITS solutions were presented provoked a great discussion. Kazimierz Jamroz of the Gdańsk University of Technology pointed out that some presentations contained terminology mistakes, which provoked a discussion on how to talk about ITS in order to convince the society of the importance and need to implement such investments. ITS was a dominating subject of unofficial conversations during breaks and during the dinner in Hotel 500, which concluded the first day of the meeting.

On the second day, the seminar participants were invited to visit the Traffic Management Centre in Stryków. The employees of the Centre and GDDKiA talked about its present and future functions. Video cameras monitoring traffic on the motorway between Stryków and Konin are very important elements of the Centre. Over 30 cameras placed at a height of 6 metres and having a 32-time zoom are even able to read the registration numbers of cars moving along the road. Some records demonstrating peculiar actions of drivers, such as a TIR lorry turning back on a spiral ramp the wrong way, were also presented. The last item on the agenda was a trip to a motorway interchange, still remaining under construction, which connects the A1 and A2 motorways. The total road length of this largest interchange in Poland amounts to about 30 kilometres.

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