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Summary of the "Traffic Management System in Szczecin" conference
Szczecin, 29-30 November 2012

The ITS POLSKA Intelligent Transportation Systems Association, in cooperation with the City of Szczecin and UTI, the official partner of the conference, which has been implementing an ITS project in the city of Szczecin, would like thank all those who attended the meeting presenting the Traffic Management System in Szczecin on 29-30 November 2012. The conference was organised under the media patronage of www.edroga.pl, www.Przeglad-its.pl; www.euroinfrastruktura.eu and the following magazines: DROGI Budownictwo infrastrukturalne, Inżynieria Ruchu Drogowego, Magazyn Autostrady and Polskie Drogi.

The conference was attended by nearly 100 representatives of central and local government institutions and authorities (56%), the service sector (29%), higher-education institutions (6%) and the press (2%).
During the two-day event, the attendees had an opportunity to listen to speeches on issues such as the benefits and challenges related to the implementation of intelligent transportation systems, the innovative SmartCity concept, the plans for the development of intelligent transportation systems in the city of Szczecin, improvement in the operation of public transport through the use of telematic systems, the traffic management system in Bucharest, municipal public transport solutions, an electronic toll collection system, the use of intelligent transportation systems in towns and cities and on roads in non-urban areas, intermodal transport solutions, as well as the protection of transport-critical infrastructure. They could also get an insight into the traffic management system in Szczecin.

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The first day of the conference was divided into two parts, led by Zbigniew Pietrzykowski, DSc., Habil., and Marek Litwin, DSc. The conference was officially opened by Marek Litwin, president of ITS POLSKA. On behalf of the City of Szczecin, the attendees were welcomed by the deputy mayor of Szczecin, Marcin Kądziołka, who expressed the hope that the development of transport would accelerate and that road users will be able to travel more and more safely.

The first speaker was Tiberiu Urdareanu, president of the UTI Group, who presented the company he is in charge of and his project implementation team. Marek Litwin talked about ITS POLSKA’s objectives and the transport problems of the 21st century. He referred to the EU directive on the framework for implementing intelligent transportation systems, which provides solutions to the problems. He also noted that intelligent transportation systems provided opportunities not only for improving transport safety, but also for making more effective use of the existing infrastructure.

Adrian Florea presented the SmartCity concept and UTI’s vision of building smart cities. Andrzej Gajda, of Szczecin City Government Office, presented the projects undertaken and partially completed in recent years, such as a toll collection system, a management traffic system, a dynamic passenger information system etc., which delivered a number of benefits, including shorter travel times, improved availability of public transport to disabled passengers and reduced impact on the environment.
Radosław Tumielewicz, of Szczecin City Government Office, talked about details of building the Traffic Management System in Szczecin, including its implementation phase, objectives and effectiveness, which was put the test on the day before the conference, when a serious road collision happened in Szczecin.

Krzysztof Miller, who represented the Road & Public Transport Authority of Szczecin, told the conference attendees about the telematic systems put in place in Szczecin, such as   a dynamic passenger information system, electronic season tickets, a fleet management system, a passenger flow measurement system, a vehicle monitoring system, which delivered benefits such as improved efficiency of Szczecin’s public transport system. Florin Nemtean, of the University of Bucharest, presented the Traffic Management System operating in Bucharest, its functions, objectives and effectiveness.

The second part of the conference was opened by a speech given by Adam Kruczek, representing UTI, who talked about the intelligent traffic traffic and public transport solutions developed by his UTI, such as the Public Traffic Management System, the Automated Toll Collection System, a CCTV system for increased safety and protection of passengers and drivers. He also presented the SKAYO Automated On-Board Validating Machine.

Octavian Calin, of UTI, gave a speech on the use of pre-paid MasterCard cards in transport, presenting their advantages, such as low costs, easy integration with the SKAYO system, extended functions: payments, cash withdrawal, e-commerce etc.

Caludiu Balan, representing UTI, presented city traffic solutions such as a traffic information system, a KParking car park management system, speed cameras, as well as inter-city traffic solutions: the Traffic Incident Detection System, Meteorological Systems, Emergency Phone Systems, Variable Message Signs, Weigh-in-Motion Systems, Vehicle Classification Systems etc.

The last speech was a presentation of intermodal transport solutions and systems designed to protect transport-critical infrastructure, which was given by Mihai Gradinaru, of UHI. The first day of the conference finished with a speech by Marek Litwin, president of ITS POLSKA, who thanked all the conference attendees for coming and for their active participation in discussions. He also congratulated the City of Szczecin on its traffic management system, the first project in Poland. The first day of the conference was officially closed by Jerzy Ekiert, the leader of the Lublin branch of ITS POLSKA, who talked about the need to open another branch in Szczecin. He also suggested organising, in cooperation with UTI, an international conference on the via Carpatia route.

At the end of the first day of the event, all the attendees enjoyed a gala dinner on board of a 50-year-old cruise ship called Ładoga. The dinner was made even more enjoyable with delicious Romanian wines offered by UTI.

The second day of the conference was a tour of the Traffic Management Centre in Szczecin. Radosław Tumielewicz, of Szczecin City Government Office, and Krzysztof Brok, who represented UTI, showed the conference attendees round the Szczecin centre (the operators room, the Centre Manager’s room, a traffic management room and a server room). They also talked about the system’s functionalities and answer the visitors’ questions.

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