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A summary of the business breakfast meeting of ITS POLSKA members
Honorary guest: Paweł Szaciłło, Director of the Centre for EU Transport Projects

Warsaw, 15 February 2013

ITS POLSKA would like to extend great thanks to all its members for their participation in the business breakfast meeting attended by Mr Paweł Szaciłło, director of the Centre for EU Transport Projects. The meeting was held at Warsaw’s Bristol Hotel, 15 February 2013, and lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  

Other attendees included: Józef Chęciński (Synergis PDM), Waldemar Chmielewski (Egis Projects), Andrzej Gajda (Szczecin City Hall), Jan Goliński (Qumak), Maciej Hapke (Naviexpert), Marek Kaszuba (Hewlett-Packard), Mike Kawczyński (Peek Traffic), Maciej Kifer (EST Polska), Mariusz Kołkowski (Sprint), Marek Litwin (ITS POLSKA), Waldemar Matukiewicz (Sprint), Vladimir Nuta (Polixel), Tomasz Przeździęk (CE-Traffic), Adam Stachyra (Videoradar), Przemysław Staśkowiak (ZDM Poznań), Tomasz Urbański (PKP Informatyka), Kinga Wielecka (CUPT), Ewa Wolniewicz-Warska (Kapsch), Janusz Wróbel (Neurosoft), Małgorzata Zielińska (CUPT).

The discussion was focused on issues related to the existing ITS projects in the 2007-2013 financial period, their progress, the funding not used and the savings generated, as well as the next financial perspective and the planned budget.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr Szaciłło gave an outline of the progress of the projects under way: ”We’ve succeeded in signing thirteen contracts as part of measure 8.3 All the projects are worth PLN 1.5 billion, and 90% of this amount has already been contracted for.” He also talked about the tasks of the Centre for EU Transport Projects: “Our role is not only to support, but also to control the progress of work and to monitor whether the money is spent in accordance with both Polish public procurement law and the applicable EU regulations. On 15 January this year, we adopted the assumptions of a partnership agreement that sets out the rules for financing projects and their performance as planned.”

The director emphasised the growing role of intelligent transportation systems in transport and noted that it was likely for such systems to be used on an greater scale (not only at the central government level, but also locally) as part of the EU’s new financial perspective.

The attendees outlined the problem of lack of competitive dialogue and the difficulties in project implementation, such as standardisation or equipment compatibility problems. There was a heated discussion where all the participants talked about the possibilities of developing common Polish standards and communication interfaces in traffic management systems. This initiative was supported by Marek Litwin, president of ITS POLSKA: “We need to make a step on the way to developing common assumptions for a national standard. ITS POLSKA, as an association, is going to set up a working group”.

At the end of the meeting, director Szaciłło thanks the attendees for inviting him to the event and encourages the participants to read the Centre’s final evaluation report covering, among other things, measure 8.3. The report looks at the problems encountered in the process of implementing projects funded as part of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme. As a result of research, a Catalogue of Good Practices has been developed as a set of important information that may be used to increase the efficiency of implementing projects, including infrastructural projects (also ITS projects).

Meeting Schedule:
08:45 – Registration, hot refreshments
09:00 – A formal welcome and introduction by Marek Litwin, president of ITS POLSKA
09:05 – An introductory speech by Paweł Szaciłło, Director of the Centre for EU Transport Projects
09:15 – Discussion, cold refreshments
11:00 – Closing the meeting

About the guest:

Mr Paweł Szaciłło’s professional experience includes work at the European Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the Agency for the Construction and Operation of Motorways, and at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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