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Summary of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways and ITS POLSKA conference:
“National Traffic Management System. NTMS – future of national roads management in Poland”
20 November 2013, Warsaw



A conference titled “NTMS – future of national roads management in Poland”, organized by the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways and Stowarzyszenie Inteligentne Systemy Transportowe [Intelligent Transport Systems Association] ITS POLSKA took place on 20 November 2013 in Warsaw. Over 160 people took part in the conference, among them representatives of companies related to intelligent transport systems, members of government and self-government bodies, technical universities and trade press from all over the Poland.

The meeting’s goal was to begin a wide co-operation with commercial and public institutions, which influence each branch of the transport industry related to the national road network; to present an Internet-based communication platform connected to the ITS market in Poland; and to present results of preparatory works on ITS technical specifications, which cover a wide array of knowledge related to using ITS in Poland and in the world, and which form the basis of NTMS works.

Conference started with a press briefing, during which Andrzej Maciejewski (Deputy General Director of National Roads and Motorways) and Przemysław Rzeźniewski (Deputy Director of Traffic Management Department at the GDNRM) introduced main features of this flagship project.

“Due to the necessity of integrated implementation of ITS technical solutions, we have agreed to create a central system for comprehensive traffic management on the basis of proven tools provided by the FRAME model. Thanks to that, NTMS will be a pioneering solution in the road industry. Therefore, we will become leaders of the ITS solutions market”, said Andrzej Maciejewski during the conference.

National Traffic Management System (NTMS) is a project aiming to create a comprehensive traffic management system for national roads by using integrated ITS services. Basic assumptions of the project are: efficiency, competitiveness, interoperability and scalability. NTMS architecture designers have introduced the project as a multi-annual strategy for implementing ITS at the GDNRM. This strategy will be implemented throughout many contracts for different road segments.

The most important stage of NTMS implementation is the TEN-T network. A breakthrough stage of preparations for NTMS is using European Intelligent Transport System Framework Architecture known as FRAME, which allowed to integrate planning for all system elements. A dedicated information platform on National Traffic Management Systems can be found at www.kszr.gddkia.gov.pl. Implementing NTMS will improve traffic management process for national roads network, improve traffic safety, reduce delays as well as, among other things, optimize road maintenance management process, reduce the burden on natural environment and increase comfort of travel.

A package of eight technical specifications designed by the GDNRM through ITS POLSKA in co-operation with scientific bodies will be used to finalize framework requirements of NTMS projects. Tenders for main NTMS elements will begin in 2015. The system is expected to begin operations on a part of the national roads network in 2020.

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