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Inauguration of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Cluster
14 January 2014, Warsaw

On January 14th, 2014, the inauguration ceremony of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Cluster has been held at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. Among the attendees of the ceremony were numerous representatives of universities, research units and enterprises. This event is the beginning of the initiation of the integration phase of cooperation between transportation research and government environments for the future of transport.
During the ceremony, the Agreement for the Future Intelligent Transportation was signed. The signing took place in presence of Prime Minister Elżbieta Bieńkowska and the Chairman of the Polish Academy of Science, professor Michał Kleiber, and was signed by Zbigniew Rynasiewicz, professor Janusz Dyduch and honorable member of the parliament Bartłomiej Bodio on the behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, the Transport Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Cluster of Intelligent Transport Systems, respectively.
''Intelligent Transportation Systems is the foundation for the functioning of an efficient and modern transportation. I hope that all activities undertaken by the cluster, as part of our intensive co-operation, will contribute towards the strengthening of research and development and the growth of innovation and competitiveness of the whole sector. On the behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, I would like to declare not only my full support for this initiative, but also my active participation in all work carried out within the framework of its activities.'' - said Prime Minister Elżbieta Bieńkowska during the opening of the ceremony.
The objectives of the Agreement for the Future of Transportation is the promotion of modern infrastructure, the formation of the Partnership for the Growth of Mobility and the creation of an interoperable system, based on intermodal transport nodes under a national transportation management system, which will support the evacuation and crisis management system.
The effect of the agreement is the establishment of the Platform for the Partnership of Knowledge and the development of innovation in transportation.
The second part of the meeting began with a joint presentation on the planning and the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Poland by Andrzej Maciejewski, Deputy General Director of National Roads and Motorways and Paweł Szaciłło, Director of the Centre of the European Union Transportation Projects. Apart from plans for both Intelligent Transportation Systems and the national development of transportation infrastructure, the meeting also featured the activity of clusters in Poland and the establishment of the ITS Cluster.

About the Cluster:
The Intelligent Transportation Systems Cluster was set up on September 23rd, 2013 thanks to the ITS Polska Association initiative. The idea of ??establishing the Cluster stemmed from the need to create a platform for mutual cooperation and exchange of knowledge between businesses, research institutions and public authorities focused in the area of ??Intelligent Transportation Systems as well as to strengthen innovation capacity and develop bonds between the three.
All of the Cluster activity is geared towards promoting and supporting the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Poland.
The objectives of the Cluster primarily include activities such as:
·         Support of the development and innovation in the field of intelligent transport solutions
·         Development of transport policies
·         Providing intellectual support in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems
·         Popularization and increase of the knowledge of the area of Intelligent Transport Systems
·         Cooperation with local governments, trade unions, social and economic organizations and state institutions.
The coordinator of the Cluster is the Intelligent Transport Systems Cluster Association, and its partners are to be universities, research units and enterprises.
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