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The Second Part of the Code of Good Practice, "Implementation of Municipal ITS Systems", Is Completed. This is a supplement to the Code of Good Practice on the Efficient Implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (part 1)

We encourage you to read the second part of the Code of Good Practice, a succinct collection on information based on experience by leading R&D institutions and ITS contractors in Poland, acting within the ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee (KASI –Komitet ds. Architektury i Standaryzacji). It is an extension and supplement to the documents presented at the Polish ITS Congress in 2015, and expands the description of the functions and structure of municipal systems. The document summarizes all the key elements present in modern municipal ITS systems.

When implementing ITS systems, we must take into account the expected functions and adjust the system structure and select proper subsystems, taking into account the local environment and features of the city. When designing the Traffic Management Centre, we should remember the difference between control and management. The latter has a broader meaning and is not limited to simple actions related to the synchronization process and control within individual ITS systems. Management should consider the municipal transport policy, including the principle (in place in most cities) of sustainable mobility through the increase of attractiveness of public transport and reduction of travel time of public transport vehicles. Further, it should consider supporting the administration of mass transport, management of road infrastructure, i.e. cover a number of processes carried out under the broadly defined municipal transport management. When we talk about "Intelligent Transport Systems", we need to bear in mind that their operations follow pre-programmed norms and rules, modified by the operators in real time. Thanks to its cognitive processes, the system acquires information on road situation and adapts its actions to current road conditions, but the operations can also change its parameters while watching short-term and long-term traffic changes. This allows to use the potential of ITS systems in an optimum way. 

Code of Good Practice part 1 (2015) –download
Code of Good Practice part 2 (2016) –download

Minutes from the meeting of the ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee (KASI) of 21.10.2014 – read

First working parties of the ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee have commenced their activity
On 24 June 2014, another meeting of the Committee - appointed by the Management Board of the ITS POLSKA Association – headed by Tomasz Kamiński, PhD (Motor Transport Institute) took place. Mission and long-term operative strategy for the newly-formed entity of the Association were discussed during the meeting at the Institute. Furthermore, managers and members of first working parties have been chosen.
The birth of KASI – Architecture and Intelligent Transport Systems Standarization Committee
Architecture and Intelligent Transport Systems Standarization Committee (KASI for short) was constituted – collegial organ of continuous character has begun its work by the ITS POLAND Association's Board. Dr Tomasz Kamiński was named the Committee's chairman – he is the director of Transport Management and Telematics Centre in the Automobile Transport Institute. Committee has constituted formally on 22nd May 2014 through resolution no. 1 of Association's Board. More>>

ITS POLAND constituted the Architecture and Intelligent Transport Systems Standarization Committee
On 31st March 2014 ITS POLSKA Association Board Meeting decided to create (under ITS POLAND Association) the Architecture and Intelligent Transport Systems Standarization Committee.

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