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Summary of the ITS POLSKA seminar
“Expansion of existing ITS - new functions due to technological development”
26 September 2017, Warsaw

The Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA would like to thank everyone for their participation in the seminar: “Expansion of existing ITS - new functions due to technological development”, which took place on 26 September 2017 in Warsaw. The event was organised by  Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA, with Sprint as the Substantive Partner. Media Patronage taken by: www.przeglad-its.pl and www.edroga.pl.

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The goal of the seminar was to present the possibilities for upgrading existing ITS with new functions available thanks to technological development. The speakers included representatives of central and local government institutions, in which traffic management systems were implemented. The chairperson of the seminar and moderator of the discussion panel was MsC Tomasz Kamiński - Chairman of the  ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee (KASI) at ITS POLSKA, as well as a representative of the Motor Transport Institute. The series of presentations during the seminar began with Sławomir Lewandowski from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, who discussed the EU's actions in the context of ITS' future. In his presentation, a representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction gave a detailed account of program documents, report on the second stage of the C-ITS Platform, as well as legislative and standardisation activities. Later in the meeting, Paweł Engel from the Center for EU Transport Projects presented ITS components in projects financed with EU funds. Jarosław Wąsowski and Ziemowit Cyndrowski from the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways discussed three basic areas of  activities within the scope of ITS development, i.e. IT systems enabling dynamic traffic management, information systems supporting traffic and event management, as well as scientific and research work at the European and national level. In turn, representatives of local government bodies in which traffic management systems were implemented – Ludomir Utrany from the Traffic Control Center at the Municipal Roads Management Office (pl. ZDM) in Gliwice and Wojciech Nalazek from the Municipal Roads and Public Transport Management Office (pl. ZDMiKP) in Bydgoszcz discussed in detail the scope and functionality of the ITSs in their cities, as well as the plans for their expansion. Then, Jacek Hurka from the Traffic Control Center at the Road, Green Area and Transport Management Office (pl. ZDZiT) in Olsztyn presented components of the ITS Olsztyn system pertaining to traffic management. Representatives of the seminar's substantive partner Sprint, Mirosław Czerliński and Dominik Weder, discussed challenges in communication in modern cities and presented modern technologies used in ITS. The series of presentations was brought to a close with one by Tadeusz Okoń, Sprint's representative and a member of the  ITS Architecture and Standardization Committee (KASI), operating at ITS POLSKA, in which possible directions in the evolution of Intelligent Transport Systems were discussed.

The last point on the seminar's agenda was a discussion panel. The debate included issues regarding the functions of ITS and the possibility of their expansion, existing needs in the expansion of ITS systems, compliance of ITS systems with standards, financing sources for construction and development of ITS systems, as well as directions of ITS development and challenges related to autonomous vehicles. The debate was attended by: Ziemowit Cyndrowski (GDDKiA), Paweł Engel (CETP), Tomasz Kamiński (ITS/KASI), Mariusz Kołkowski (Sprint), Sławomir Lewandowski (MIiB), Wojciech Nalazek (ZDMiKP in Bydgoszcz) oraz Ludomir Utrany (ZDM in Gliwice).

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