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Summary of the ITS POLSKA seminar
23 November 2017, Warsaw

The Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLSKA would like to thank everyone for participation in the seminar on “ITS technologies on board of vehicles”, which took place on 23 November 2017, in Warsaw, under the  Honorary Patronage of the Institute of Motor Transport. Substantive Partners are: Kapsch Telematic Services, Sprint and V-Traffic. The Insurance Advisors Academy (Akademia Doradców Ubezpieczeniowych) was a partner. Media Patronage taken by: www.przeglad-its.pl and www.edroga.pl.

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The seminar attracted nearly 50 participants (representatives of government institutions and local government bodies, including: Ministries, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), Road Transport Inspectorates, Municipal, County and Voivodeship Road Management Bodies, City Halls, Voivodeships, counties, public transport operators, etc. and representatives of the services sector, organisations, universities, research institutes and the press).

During the seminar, participants had the opportunity to learn about modern ICT solutions implemented in driving support systems (autonomy) in currently produced vehicles. These include vehicle safety systems: collision avoidance system, lane keeping, vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communication, as well as road sign recognition systems. Technologies related to road infrastructure and ITS associated with dynamic information for drivers, verification systems and parking systems were also presented.

The seminar was divided into three parts. It was opened by Tomasz Kamiński – chairperson of the KASI Team at ITS POLSKA and a representative of the Motor Transport Institute. A series of presentations during the seminar was started by Marcin Ślęzak from the Motor Transport Institute, who discussed the challenges related to  implementation of autonomous vehicles. Later during the meeting, Włodzimierz Choromański from the Warsaw University of Technology spoke about the future of autonomous vehicles and the new challenges and opportunities that road infrastructure and ITS face. In turn, Piotr Kaczanowski from the Insurance Advisors Academy discussed the issue of civil liability for damages arising in connection with the admission of autonomous cars to normal traffic. Przemysław Staśkowiak from Kapsch Telematic Services presented communication technologies in autonomous vehicles. Subsequently, Mirosław Czerliński from Sprint presented a number of modern ICT solutions implemented in systems supporting the driving of vehicles and technologies related to road infrastructure and ITS. Representatives of V-Traffic Piotr Bieniek and Jacek Saczuk discussed the role of traffic information in modern ITS and Smart City solutions. The series of presentations ended with Zbigniew Turk from the National Contact Point of EU Research Programs discussing autonomous transport in competitions conducted under the H2020 program for 2018-2020.

The last point on the seminar's agenda was a discussion panel entitled “The future of autonomous transport in Poland”, moderated by Tomasz Kamiński. The debate covered, among others, issues related to admitting autonomous vehicles to traffic on Polish roads (infrastructure, data transmission, insurance liability, road safety), the experiences of other countries in the field of vehicle autonomy, the issue of increasing mobility in society, including the disabled and the elderly, problems related to taking over control of a vehicle and limits of driving skills (lack of experience), possibilities to improve the implementation process for autonomous vehicles in Poland, cooperation of autonomous vehicles with ITS and data exchange with road infrastructure. The following participated in the debate: Włodzimierz Choromański (Warsaw University of Technology), Tomasz Kamiński (ITS/KASI), Mariusz Kołkowski (Sprint), Przemysław Staśkowiak (Kapsch Telematic Services), Marcin Ślęzak (Motor Transport Institute), Zbigniew Turek (National Contact Point of EU Research Programs).

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