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Summary of seminar
„Traffic Management Centres – practice and reality”
Warsaw, 13 October 2009, Warsaw

On 13 October 2009, a seminar was held in Warsaw called “Traffic Management Centres – practice and reality”, organised by the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) POLSKA Association.

The invited guests talked about traffic management solutions already in place, at the design stage and planned in the largest cities, such as Gdynia, Poznań, Toronto, Warsaw and Wrocław. Speakers included: Roberto Stopnicki, director of Toronto Traffic Management Centre, Krzysztof Chojecki, Chief Specialist in charge of Warsaw Integrated Traffic Management System Team (ZSZR), Jacek Oskarbski, head of the Traffic Engineering Department in Gdynia, Błażej Trzcinowicz, ITS Project Manager at the Department of Wrocław Mayor, and Przemysław Staśkowiak, Poznań Road Management Board (ZDM). The moderator was Piotr Krukowski of Warsaw City Hall.

The organiser of the seminar, the ITS Polska Association, was very satisfied with the large number of attendees. More than 60 representatives attended the event, including representatives of central and local government institutions, the services sector, organisations, higher education institutions, research institutes and ITS-related magazines.

The website of the ITS Polska Association at www.itspolska.pl contains photographs of the seminar and presentations by speakers representing different cities (available to download in PDF format).

The website also contains information about the activities of the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Polska Association and the rules of membership. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Anna Dembińska, Organisational Director of the ITS Polska Association, by calling 22 630 99 09.

Presentations from the seminar are available to members of the Association only. To view the presentations,
click here.
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