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ITS POLSKA Seminar summary
13-14 April 2010 r., Wroclaw

In 13th and 14th of April 2010, in Qubus Hotel in Wrocław the seminar “Intelligent System Of Vehicles Weight Preselection” took place. This important and current problem, connected with the strategic year of the National Roads Construction Programme for years 2008-2012, has attracted almost 60 participants. The participation has been confirmed by the representatives of government institutions and self-government units (32%), research institutes (4%), organizations (4%), universities (4%), as well as services sector (55%) and press (1%) representatives.

The seminar goal was to draw attention to the problem of overloaded trucks, being the significant reason of wheel trucks and other pavement damages. The consequence of such degradation is the safety level reduction and high costs of road infrastructure repairs. The seminar was also the great platform for new branch contacts, exchange of experience and information, and spreading knowledge in range of modern road infrastructure.

The knowledge and experience have been shared by experts from the Polish and foreign companies and institutions. The speakers have represented the following units: Roads and Municipal Maintenance Office from Wrocław, General Management of National Roads and Motorways, Lower Silesian Road Transport Inspectorate in Wrocław, Kuyavian and Pomeranian Road Transport Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz, Roads and Bridges Research Institute, Kistler, CAT TRAFFIC, Zaberd Group, Mark Electronics and Neurosoft.

The seminar range has included: municipal roads protection system against the overloaded vehicles in Wrocław, complex vehicles weighing system on the national roads, organization of road transport control in range of following the public roads law regulations, basic tool of the regional national administration in eliminating the anomalies in road transport in Kuyavian and Pomeranian region, roads degradation, legal conditions in range of overloaded vehicles identification systems for the roads protection, technology of quartz sensors from Kistler company, technology of weighing platforms from IRD company, roads protection against the overloaded vehicles – vehicles preselection weighing system in Wrocław, vehicles weight preselection system as a tool of traffic modelling in range of Integrated Traffic Control and Management Systems, preselection weighing system for the vehicles in motion as an example from Wola Dębińska, and perspectives of dynamic vehicles weighing systems development.

The complement of the essential aspects of weighing vehicles in motion was the study trip and the presentation of the WIM system in Żmigrodzka street: dynamic scale, video cameras for recording the complex event image, vehicle identification cameras, set of cameras for determining the vehicle dimensions and the variable content panels.
The opinions from the seminar participants indicate, that over 90% of you assess it positively, and the main goal of participation was to know more about the vehicles weight preselection and to be up-to-date with the ITS systems.

The seminar has been organized by Intelligent Transport Systems Association “ITS Poland” The seminar has been held under the patronage of: Parliament Commission of Infrastructure, General Management of National Roads and Motorways, General Road Transport Inspectorate and Automotive Transport Institute. The essential partners are: Neurosoft, Mark Electronics and Zaberd Group. The media partners are: “ITS Review”, “Transport Infrastructure” and web sites www.edroga.pl and www.e-myto.pl

We invite you to see the photo relation from the seminar and the speakers presentations. The presentations files are password-protected and available only for the Association members and the seminar participants.

1.    Photo relation
2.    Presentations
3.    Film from the Municipal Office in Wrocław “STOP the overloading”
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