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ITS POLSKA seminar and workshop summary
„FRAME Architecture in ITS”

In 22th and 24th of June 2010, in Warsaw the one-day seminar “Planning integrated ITS using the FRAME Architecture” and two-day workshop “Creating an ITS Architecture from the FRAME Architecture and how to use it” took place.

Almost 30 participants by the representatives of government institutions and self-government units (41%), services sector (38%), organizations (7%) and universities (14%) has been confirmed participation in the meeting.

Seminar aims and objectives was to show how ITS architectures can be used to plan the provision of integrated ITS; the benefits of using ITS architectures and the risks of not using one, how stakeholders’ aspirations for integrated and cooperating ITS can be captured and combined into an ITS architecture that will satisfy their needs, how ITS architecture can be used to identify and plan management and business issues; how the implementation and deployment costs and benefits can be assessed; how the components and supporting, communications can be defined, and the risks identified, to explain the work needed to create ITS architectures and the people to be involved and finally to provide real examples of this approach, and the achievements that have been made.

The workshop covered the following areas as introduction to the FRAME Architecture, defining the services to be provided – Stakeholder Aspirations and User Needs, assembling what is needed to provided the services – Functional Viewpoint, creating the building blocks for ITS implementation – Physical and Communication Viewpoints, deployment issues – highlighting management issues (Organisational Viewpoint); preparing Deployment and Migration Plans, plus Component Specifications and Communications Requirements; carrying out Cost/Benefit and Risk Analyses.

The seminar and workshop was given by Eur Ing Peter Jesty and Mr Richard Bossom from the EC funded project E-FRAME. 

Eur Ing Peter Jesty - Has been involved in ITS architecture work for over ten years. This includes being part of the KAREN Project team (specialising in the development of User Needs) as well as developing ITS architectures for Urban and Regional Authorities. Until recently he has lectured in system design and project management at the University of Leeds in the UK for many years, and is a leading authority on safety-related systems for road transport applications, having spent many years working on European Projects in that area. He is currently the coordinator of the E-FRAME project.
 Peter Jesty

 Mr Richard Bossom – has been involved in ITS architecture work for over fifteen years. This includes leading the architecture development part of the KAREN Project, coordinating the FRAME-S project, as well as developing ITS architectures for Urban and Regional Authorities. Before that, he was part of the US National ITS Architecture development team, being responsible for the development of the Logical Architecture. He has been involved in ITS for over 30 years, specialising in urban traffic management for the first half of that period.
 Richard Bossom

The seminar has been organized by Intelligent Transport Systems Association “ITS Poland”. The media partners are: “ITS Review”, “Transport Infrastructure” and web sites www.e-droga.pl and www.e-myto.pl.

We invite you to see the photo relation from the meeting and the speakers presentations. The presentations files are password-protected and available only for the Association members and the seminar participants.


1.    Photo relation
2.    Presentations
       - Seminar - download
       - Workshop (+ case study) - download

3.    EFRAME sources: www.frame-online.net
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