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Summary of the 6th POLISH ITS CONGRESS
Warsaw, 13-14 May 2013

Presentations and speeches:
- Day 1 (13 May 2013) - download
- Day 2 (14 May 2013) - download
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Photo reports:

- a photo report on the Congress (view)
- a photo report on the Leader ITS prize-giving ceremony (view)

The 6th POLISH ITS CONGRESS is over. Organised by ITS POLSKA, the event was attended by more than 300 representatives of businesses working in the intelligent transportation systems sector, central and local government authorities, technical universities, and industry-specific magazines based in Poland and Europe. More than 40% of the attendees were representatives of local government.

This year's was the sixth edition of the Congress. It was held at Mariott Hotel in Warsaw on 13-14 May 2013. Every year, the Congress attracts not only more and more attendees, but also more presentations and a wider scope of topics. Road transport, however, is the only increasingly popular topic. This year’s Congress paid great attention to rail transport and the integration of intelligent transportation systems.

”There are a large number of opportunities to use ITS solutions in all types of transport. Events such as the Congress serve as the best platform for exchanging information and knowledge about the use of intelligent transportation systems," Maciej Jankowski, deputy transport minister, said during the official opening of the Congress.

The organisers of the 6th POLISH ITS CONGRESS put special emphasis on the problems of systems for managing traffic on urban and non-urban roads, public transport management systems, rail transport management systems, traffic detection systems, traffic control systems (the speed and weight of vehicles etc.), parking systems, mobile transport technologies, passenger information systems, public transport fare collection systems, interoperability, intermodality and standardisation, as well as legal, economic and financial aspects. A Q&A session followed each thematic group.

During the two days of the Congress, there were 32 presentations divided into the following thematic categories:
•    Public Transport and Traffic Management Systems, Part 1
•    Public Transport and Traffic Management Systems, Part 2
•    Rail Transport Management Systems
•    Non-Urban Road Traffic Management Systems
•    Database Architecture and Structures
•    Law and Technology

The last item on the agenda for the first day of the Congress was a debate organised in cooperation with the daily Gazeta Prawna. The moderator of the debate was Robert Olesiński of the daily Gazeta Prawna. The participants in the debate included  Andrzej Maciejewski (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways), Paweł Stelmaszczyk (the European Commission), Paweł Olczak (Kapsch Telematic Services Polska), Marian Ohl (Provent), Ireneusz Kucharski (Provent), Andy Graham (Provent), Janusz Wróbel (Neurosoft), Krzysztof Kaperczak (IBDIM), Piotr Krukowski (a member of ITS POLSKA, Qumak) and Marek Litwin (ITS POLSKA). The participants discussed topics such as standardisation and financing, Polish ITS architecture, integration of the National Traffic Management System with local systems in towns and cities, collection of tolls for entry to towns and cities, ITS-related legislation, infrastructural limitations in towns and cities, and the EU directive on clean air in cities.

After the debate, the president of ITS POLSKA, Marek Litwin signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a representative of ITS UK, Richard Harris.

The first day of the Congress ended with the prize-winning ceremony in the ITS LEADER competition. Every year, the idea behind the competition is to promote projects that contribute to the development of friendly and modern ITS technologies, from the results of scientific research to effective products and implementation projects. The competition is organised by ITS POLSKA and the Przegląd-ITS publication. This year, as in previous years, the competition was held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy. The prize for the winner of the Best Diploma Thesis category was a laptop sponsored by HP.

The judges in the competition were Piotr Krukowski (MA),  Marek Litwin (DSc), Professor Jerzy Mikulski, Izabella Mitraszewska (DSc), Jacek Oskarbski (DSc), Marek Rolla (MSc), Professor  Wojciech Suchorzewski  (Chairperson) and Professor Wojciech Wawrzyński. The judges selected three winners and awarded four honorary mentions. The finalists received statuettes and honorary mention certificates from Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz, deputy transport minister.

The awards and honorary mentions in this year's edition of the competition went to:
Best Product:
•    ITS Leader 2013: NaviExpert for the Community Traffic Online project. This system uses data to build models of historical road traffic patterns for all roads. It also immediately updates the current road traffic situation model to reflect all changes.
•    Honorary Mention: Neurosoft for its NeuroCar Dangerous Goods – video identification of ADR signs that automatically identifies vehicles carrying hazardous materials.

Best Implementation:
•    ITS Leader 2013:  The City of Szczecin. For the construction of Phase 1 of the Traffic Management System in Szczecin. The system covers the following subsystems: CCTV, movement detection, passenger information, communication, and mobile information. The project also included modifications to the existing traffic lights at certain crossroads to be covered by the new system.  All the subsystems are connected to the Traffic Management System.
•    Honorary Mention: City of Rybnik – Public Transport Authority in Rybnik for its "Travel by Bus from Rybnik" passenger portal. In practical terms, the portal allows users to plan their journeys. By following a few easy steps, passengers are provided with comprehensive information on the bus routes they are interested in. The route and the position of the bus are shown on a map in real time.

Best Research Thesis:
•    Honorary Mention: Artur Ryguła for his doctoral dissertation entitled "Early Driver Warning Methods in the Aspect of Road Traffic Safety". The dissertation attempted to identify statistical associations relating to road accidents and to biocybernetically interpret the effect of environmental conditions on drivers in road situations.

Best Diploma Thesis:
•    ITS Leader 2013: Marcin Jeliński (AGH University of Science and Technology) for his MA thesis entitled "An online measurement data transmitter”. This MA thesis project involved the construction of a device designed to transmit measurement data via the Internet. The device is permanently connected to the Internet and to a system for measuring road traffic data (Traffic-1).
•    Honorary Mention: Karolina Krzykowska (Warsaw University of Technology) for her MA thesis entitled "An analysis of the possibility of using an automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast system in air traffic". The thesis attempted to determine how an automatic traffic surveillance system can solve the problem of insufficient radiolocation coverage in Poland and to identify the prospects and requirements for the implementation of such a system.

A special part of the evening was an event to mark the 60th jubilee career anniversary of Professor Wojciech Suchorzewski and his enormous contribution to the development and promotion of intelligent transportation systems in Poland.   It is worth noting that Professor Wojciech Suchorzewski received the first honorary ITS LEADER statuette in the history of the competition.

The Congress ended with a plenary discussion led by the Conclusions Committees.  The Committee’s conclusions included the following:  the use of ITS will allow for developing transport systems in a more cost-effective way; ITS systems should always be evaluated from the perspective of their end users; in a smart city, a good public transport system should always be the main response to the mobility needs of the city's residents etc.

The guests and speakers at the 6th POLISH ITS CONGRESS includes (in the order of speaking): Marek Litwin (ITS POLSKA), Maciej Jankowski (MTBiGM), Vladislav Kondratovic (the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania), Paweł Stelmaszczyk (the European Commission), Stanisław Żmijan (the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee), Andrzej Maciejewski (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways), Paweł Szaciłło (CUPT), Richard Harris (ITS UK), Wojciech Suchorzewski (Chairperson of the Programme Board), Bogusław Prokop (Białystok City Hall), Dariusz Wołoszczuk (Szczecin City Hall), Piotr Krukowski (Qumak), Ewa Wolniewicz-Warska (Kapsch Telematic Services Polska), Piotr Bardadyn (Neurosoft), Witold Czajewski (Warsaw University of Technology), Paweł Dąbkowski (Warsaw University of Technology), Piotr Olszewski (Warsaw University of Technology), Patryk Zakrzewski (Provincial Road Authority in Cracow), Ludomir Szubert (Warsaw University of Technology), Martyna Abendrot (Qumak), Mariusz Kołkowski (Sprint), Adam Nowosielski (West Pomeranian University of Technology), Marcin Mikłasz (West Pomeranian Business School), Grzegorz Kawka (Telsat), Wojciech Palczyński (Trapeze), Krzysztof Gowik (Trapeze), Mariusz Kozłowski (Trapeze), Damian Iwanowicz (University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz), Jacek Chmielewski (University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz), Sławomir Daniek (Trax elektronik), Grzegorz Karoń (Silesian University of Technology), Jerzy Mikulski (Silesian University of Technology), Grzegorz Herzyk (Silesian University of Technology), Janusz Walicki (TK Telekom), Andrzej Toruń (The Railway Institute), Andrzej Wiśniewski (KZA Kraków), Jerzy Ekiert (ITS POLSKA Regional Branch in Lublin), Andrzej Kobuszewski (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways),  Karol Gajda (Neurosoft), Stanisław Biernat (SHH), Krzysztof Modelewski (ITS POLSKA), Maciej Hapke (NaviExpert), Andy Graham (Provent), David Kelly (Provent), Tomasz Przeździęk (CE-Traffic), Marek Krawczyk (ITS POLSKA), Erich Jakel (c.c. com), Andrzej Mitas (APM), Artur Ryguła (APM), Piotr Świątalski (APM), Michael Leyendecker (VITRONIC Machine Vision Nordic East), Arkadiusz Cetner (AB-Micro/BARCO) and Grzegorz Gęślak (Veracomp/NEC/Dexon Systems), Karsten McFarland (PTV Group), Maciej Matczak (Gdynia Maritime University), Adam Haręża, Igor Białowąs, and Tomasz Polichnowski.

This year’s edition of the Congress was held under the patronage of The Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy; the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee; the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways; the Mayor of Warsaw; ERTICO; Silesia Metropolis, the Council of Provincial Road Management Authority Directors; and the Union of Polish Metropolises.   

The Congress was sponsored by Kapsch Telematic Services and Qumak (Diamond Sponsors); Neurosoft, Provent Polska and PTV Group (Gold Sponsors); APM Konior Piwowarczyk Konior, CE-Traffic, NaviExpert, SHH, Sprint, Trapeze, Trax elektronik, AB-Micro, Barco, Veracomp (Silver Sponsors); PKP Informatyka (a sponsor of lanyards and ID badges), and Hewlett-Packard (the sponsor of the prize in the ITS LEADER competition). The expertise partner of the event was the Polish Telematics and Transport Association (PSTT).

The event was organised under the media patronage of the following media: the daily Gazeta Prawna, plus the following industry-specific magazines: ArcanaGIS, Archives of Transport Systems Telematics, Autostrady, Drogi, Euroinfrastruktura, Obiekty Inżynierskie, Polskie Drogi, Rynek Kolejowy, plus numerous  online portals: Przegląd-ITS.pl, Edroga.pl, RadioTech.pl, rynekinfrastruktury.pl, and PRTL.pl.

The Polish ITS Congress is organised by the Polish ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Association, which is a member of ITS Europe-ERTICO and an organisational partner of Opensky Systems and Services. The technical aspects of organising the 6th Polish ITS Congress were handled by Net Solutions.

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