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Summary of the seminar
"New technologies and their application in the systems of automatic supervision of traffic and prospects for the development of control and measurement infrastructure in Poland"
December 3, 2015, Warsaw

More than 100 people (representatives of government institutions, local government units, including municipal ones, road managers and representatives of the service sector, universities, research institutes, and the press) participated in the seminar "New technologies and their application in the systems of automatic supervision of traffic and prospects for the development of control and measurement infrastructure in Poland ", which took place on December 3 in Warsaw. The event was organized by the Association of Intelligent Transport Systems ITS POLSKA. The content partner of the seminar was the Centre of Automatic Road Traffic Supervision in the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport.

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The seminar participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with issues such as: the challenges for tolling, system for the registration of entry at the red light, segmental speed measurement, the latest technologies applicable in road safety, the new use of the mobile system for measuring speed, etc.

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The seminar was divided into three parts, each of which ended with a debate, during which the participants could ask speakers direct questions. The seminar was opened by Piotr Krukowski − a Member of the Board at ITS POLSKA. On behalf of CANARD, the participants of the meeting were welcomed by the company CEO − Marcin Flieger. “The main purpose of our meeting is an opportunity to present the latest technologies and solutions available on the market, through which road safety be improved. In connection with the appearance of the new financial perspective, we would like to expand our original system, based on the latest technologies in the area of road safety systems," said Marcin Flieger, the CEO of CANARD. The cycle of talks presented during the seminar was started by Piotr Krukowski from ITS POLSKA, who discussed the emerging challenges in the area of collecting fees at toll roads and the entry into city centres. Later in the meeting, Jaroslaw Teterycz − a specialist in speed measurement, discussed the problems at the interface of law, technology and the practice of measuring speed.

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to get acquainted with the current offer of the manufacturers of ITS components and a platform for exchange of opinions in the context of the potential use of the presented equipment in the Polish conditions. In their scheduled speeches, the representatives of companies and invited institutions talked about the earlier experiences in the use of equipment to improve safety, as well as the development prospects of the system of automatic supervision of traffic in the coming years. It is worth emphasizing that the companies participating in the seminar had the opportunity to present their latest solutions not only during presentations and panel discussions, but also in a specially created exhibition space, which attracted a lot of interest among the representatives of CANARD, who arrived at the seminar in large numbers.

The aim of the meeting was to develop a vision for the future of the automatic control of the behaviour of Polish drivers, as a key element in the activities aimed at eliminating the most serious threats to the health or life of road users.

The partners of the seminar were: INDRA, Lifor, Neurosoft, Safety Camera, Tein Technology, Sterela ITS, Sprint, Zurada, Videoradar, Vitronic.
The media patronage over the event was held by portals: Review-ITS, BRD24.pl and edrogra.pl.

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